Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Comic Carnival Again


LC3 is a unique event initiated and coordinated by Evolution Media and is geared towards raising the awareness and sensitivity of the public (especially the youths) towards the vast field of cartoons and comics publishing while adding a boost to the nation’s reading culture.


Scheduled to run from Thursday 14th September through Sunday 17th September 2006 under the auspices of the 8th Lagos Book & Art Festival, we have designed this year’s carnival as a week long event to cater for the dual needs of exposition / networking and marketing / entertainment. In this light, the first part of the event will feature an interactive talk shop on industry related matters to be led by key resource persons.

As a follow-up to that, the second part will have a comics and cartoons trade fair running simultaneously with an exhibition of works by major players and emerging talents in the comics and cartoons trade.

The Talks:

We wish to invite you to a discursive forum on the comics and cartoons trade and other related matters. The talks will involve a panel of discussants drawn mainly from the creative industries, with an equally diverse audience offering comments and asking questions.

Theme: ‘Imagination: The weapon of the future?’

Music has been suggested in the past to be the weapon of the future. We choose to make a broader claim that imagination in its entire gamut is the weapon of the future. Few other creative enterprises demand such a high level of imagination from both the artist and the audience as the field of comics and cartoons…thus it is understandable that the music industry should thrive on animated videos and comic book - centric - graphics and visualizations; the movie industry is dovetailing more and more into the world of fantasia that comic books had created decades ago.
Advanced economies give a lot of attention to their creative industries, not as some sort of philanthropy but as a vital part of nation building – an exercise which in itself requires imagination in great doses. In Nigeria, can imagination serve as the weapon of the future? Or will the nation’s creatives remain a bunch of nerdy egg heads, relegated to their own world of self inflicted dreams?

Lanre Lawal, the 2005 winner of the British Council organized International Young Design Entrepreneur of the Year and CEO of front line design agency- Design Jockey Sessions will set the tone for the talks with a 15 minute introduction.
Evolution Media’s Sewedo Nupowaku will moderate the discussions.

Animation Presentation:

To spice up the talks, an exhibition of works of some leading animation and multimedia artists will be presented to the audience.

Date: Thursday 14th September 2006
Time: 11am - 3pm

Venue: Prospective venues include The Agip Recital Hall, Muson Center Onikan, Terra Kulture, Victoria Island and the National Museum Onikan. You will be informed of the final choice through subsequent communications.

Please communicate your interest / availability for the said talks to the undersigned. Your presence will be highly valued.

Yours faithfully,

Ayodele Arigbabu Sewedo Nupowaku
234-0803-3000-499 234-0803-3520-149 234-0806-7421-215

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