Friday, June 22, 2007

Great Highlife Party for Arts Writers

The Commitee for Relevant Art, CORA. invites you to a SPECIAL SESSION (69th edition) of the monthly GREAT HIGHLIFE PARTY (ELDERS' FORUM) on SUNDAY JUNE 24. The session is dedicated to the community of ARTS WRITERS (and Culture Journalists) -- in essence members of the Arts Writers Organisation of Nigeria, AWON. The session will feature the regular music performances of the veterans -- Alaba Pedro, Tunde Osofisan, Maliki Showman and Fatai Rolling Dollar with guest appearances by sessionists and solo artistes,with a splash of Stand-up Comedy.

It will also feature tribute to the great work being done by the Arts Writers in projecting the developement and trends in the arts and cuture sector of the economy.

At CORA's meeting last Sunday, it was decided that the JUNE and DECEMBER editions of the 6-year old GHP (EF) — would henceforth be dedicated to celebrating the Arts Writers. It is to spotlight and celebrate achivement(s) and landmarks recorded by members of the community in the course of each year.

Sgd: Jahman Anikulapo
Programme Chair
Contact: 08022016495

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