Monday, February 25, 2008

Peppersoup For Oshinowo

(culled from Artsville by Toyin Akinosho in The Guardian, Sunday February, 24, 2008)
The people’s painter will be honoured at a forum of elders this evening at O’Jez Club. The Committee for Relevant Art is feting Kolade Oshinowo, a leading member of the third generation of contemporary Nigerian artists, with evergreen highlife music and goatmeat peppersoup at the club. Oshinowo is the painter of market scenes and peoplescapes, who distinguishes himself in delivering elaborate street scenes in monochromes. His key area of achievement is that he has been able to live from the proceeds of his work. His society demands his art and pays appropriate prices, enough for him to set up a proper structure. His life is a sort of lesson in the business of the arts. Uncle Steve Rhodes, Ambassador Segun Olusola and Chief Femi Asekun, the three key legs of the elders’ forum, will induct Oshinowo into the club of elders.

* Compiled By Staff of Festac News Press Agency

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